Satyam Petrochemicals is an upcoming petrochemical company district Karad of Maharashtra. Our company was established in 2002. We are a known name in manufacturing, supplying and exporting of petrochemicals like Ethanol, Ethyl Acetate & Di Acetone Alcohol.

Our plant operates on full atomization.

Our lab equipments are Carl Fischer, Gravity Connection Drying, Gas Chromatography, Oven etc.

Our manufacturing capacity per day is approximately 60KL Ethanol, 135MT of Ethyl Acetate & Di Acetone Alcohol.

We have vast clientele in India as well as they export in UAE, Egypt, Europe, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and many more countries to the biggest pharmaceuticals, packaging & printing industries.

  1. Satyam Petrochemicals is a Chemical manufacturing company in Karad Taluka, Satara District of Maharashtra, India.
  2. The company was established in the year 2002, and today as made a remarkable position in the chemical industry. Within these years, the company grew vastly and made its presence in the market by manufacturing different chemicals and providing reliable services consistently.
  3. Satyam Petrochemicals specialised in providing our clients with high quality products time to time which met their specifications.
  4. Quality of service and commitment of all the employees and staff all around, have ensured that there is customer retention rate is higher every year.
  5. Satyam has variety of chemical manufacturing facilities which operate on full Atomization with latest technology with complete trained individuals operating them.
  6. All the machines and equipment are new and are regularly checked, tested and well maintained.
  7. They employ all safety procedures and norms as per the standard formats ensuring high level safety of man and machines, as Safety and health are prime concerns in Satyam Petrochemicals.
  8. Lab is fully equipped with equipment like Karl Fischer, Gravity connection, Drying, Gas Chromatography, Oven, etc.
  9. Manufacturing capacity per day is approximately 80 KLPD Ethanol, 150 MT of Ethyl Acetate, 1500 MT/M of Diacetone Alcohol and 100 MT/M of Mesityl Oxide.
  10. The company has enjoyed steady organic growth over the years now based on quality and customer satisfaction, as they ensure that clients receive personal attention from senior level management and directors.
  11. Satyam Petrochemicals has vast clientele in India as well as abroad like in UAE, Egypt, Europe, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and many more countries to biggest Pharmaceuticals, Packaging and printing industries.
  12. Satyam Petrochemicals believes that in our product success, employees are the key players, who are complete blend of hard work and Imagination.

Satyam Petrochemicals is owned by the Ghute family of Satara.

Mr. Rajendra Pralhad Ghute, Mr. Vikrant Rajendra Ghute and Mr. Karan Rajendra Ghute and their employees are behind the success of Satyam Petrochemicals

Mr. Rajendra Pralhad Ghute. Chairman

A very visionary and an influential leader founded Satyam Petrochemicals in the year 2002.

He has always been a motivational personality and turned dreams into reality by constantly thinking about his business and overall growth.

A passionate businessman with long term visions and goals to strive for.

A person who is complete blend of passion for his work and practicality.

Mr. Vikrant Rajendra Ghute Managing Director

BBA – MBA (Finance)

Experienced Managing Director with a demonstrated history in working in financial sector from a very long time with all the practical implications.

Skilled in Negotiation, Business Planning, and financial Resource management.

Team leadership is the biggest strength for the success and achievements of Satyam Petrochemicals.

Mr. Karan Rajendra Ghute Managing Director / Production Incharge

Mechanical Engineer – Chemical Engineer – MBA (Marketing)

Experienced Managing Director with a demonstrated history of working in a chemical industry.

Skilled in Research, Human Resource Management, Leadership, Negotiation, Machine maintenance and Skills in Engineering.


Our Vision is to be recognised as a leader in Manufacturing of chemicals across the Globe.


Our Mission is to provide high quality products and top notch commitments to our customers that add value to their businesses.